Thermal Insulation Case Study – Fellside

West Coast Thermal Ltd completed a contract with Morgan Sindall on the Fellside site on Sellafield. We were hired to supply and fit insulation and cladding to Blow Down and supply and fit thermal covers to steam valves.

With the steam valves, our operative had to insulate them with admiral cloth we used this to insulate the inner and outer 25mm needle mat infill which is secured by means of straps and buckles.

The Blow-Down tanks had a pre-fabricated support ring on the top and bottom. Our operatives used perforated 1.5mm aluminium to provide personal protection; this was sat on the two support rings and U bar that had glass webbing on which is used to prevent heat transfer. The operatives secured the perforated aluminium with aluminium pop rivets and stainless steel banding.

Once we insulated the tanks the operatives used the Rockwool process to insulate the pipework, they secured the Rockwool using galvanised lacing wire. The operative cut the mitres, butt joints, and seams carefully to ensure that there were no gaps. The pipes where then cladded with alu-zinc, this was then placed with the casing lap underneath and secured by stainless steel banding. The butt/end joints were all secured with bands and wings centred directly over the joint. The straight sections of cladding were neatly secured with bands and wings. The operatives then insulated all the flanges, valves and associated equipment with grey silicone glass cloth mats.