Fire Protection

wct fpWest Coast Thermal provides fire protection services to existing buildings & new builds ensuring that all current fire protection regulations are adhered to. We work in both the private and public sector and have recently completed all fire protection works for the new West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven.

All of our operatives are fully trained in the application of fire protection materials and we pride ourselves on providing a quality service.

What is Passive Fire Protection (PFP)?

PFP is an integral component of the 3 components of structural fire protection and fire safety in a building. Pfp attempts to contain fires or slow the spread through the use of fire-resistant walls, floors & doors etc.

The primary intention of PFP is to save lives – when fitted correctly; PFP will control the degree of spread of fires by creating fire-resistant compartments which sub-divide buildings.

It is essential that all openings & gaps are fire stopped to restrict lateral & vertical fire spread – failure to do so may result in the uninterrupted spread of fire & smoke.

Mechanical and electrical services by their very nature will breach walls & floors and often create gaps around the penetrations – these gaps must be adequately fire stopped.

Examples of area’s requiring PFP are as follows:

  • Cavity barriers
  • Compartment walls
  • Structural steelwork fire protection
  • Linear gap seals
  • Fire door installation / maintenance
  • Fire protection to ductwork systems
  • Service penetrations including cables, pipes and ducting

West Coast Thermal will Provide Free Quotations

To carry out any of the above works, offer good advice and offer specifications to comply with current regulations.

PFP installation works will be carried out by fully trained operatives and all materials used will be third-party certified.

Upon completion of the works, fully detailed documentation will be issued which will include:

  • The product material data sheet and its manufacturer
  • The date of when the work was carried out and who carried it out.
  • A set of labelled drawings to enable users to easily identify the areas.

The insulation of passive fire protection is a legal requirement for any new build/modernisation /extension works must be carried out in accordance with The Building Regulations 2010, Fire Safety, and Approved Document B.

West Coast Thermal is a FIRAS approved PFP installer. Installers are subject to annual audits of their facilities and random site inspections to check the quality of their work.

For all Passive Fire Protection enquiries: