Fire Protection Case Study – Ladore Falls

When the Ladore Falls Hotel first floor new extension was in the process of being built, Thomas Armstrong Construction Ltd hired us to fix Rockwool ablative in various locations around the hotel. Our operatives had to make a template of the corrugated roof sheet from cardboard to use when they made the bats using a powered jig saw. Once the bats were made the operatives used a technique called “friction fit” Which means that the insulation is fitted will be so snugly fit that it will stay in place by itself, the operatives then sealed all the joints with intumescent sealant and adhered using Rockwool fire pro glue. If the friction fit method wasn’t suitable the operatives would fix the bats into place using screws.

Once the work was completed, they had to label the penetrations with who carried out the work, the product, the fire rating, date and reference number.

Our operatives completed the fire protection works in 9 areas of the building including bedrooms, the corridor, the plant room, the elevator shaft, housekeeping, the stairwell, brasserie, and kitchen.

The insulation of passive fire protection is a legal requirement for any new build/modernisation /extension works must be carried out in accordance with The Building Regulations 2010, Fire Safety, and Approved Document B.